1: The Lumberjack**

You must build your defenses using only Tier 1 wood.

2: The Dirty Harry***

All party members are limited to large-ammo pistols only.

3: The Low-Rise****

Only low walls (those using the bottom row of editing squares) are permitted during the defense phase.

4: The AFK****

Players must complete a 4-player mission using only traps and defenders. No human player may fire a shot, use a melee weapon, or use a combat ability. Players MAY build, repair, and use movement skills to draw aggro.

5: The Popcorn**

The only permissible trap during the defense phase is the floor launcher.

6: The Balanced Team*

All party members must choose a different hero type. Requires a 4-person party.

7: The Floor is Lava****

No player may touch the ground at any point during the mission. Players may walk/stand on buildings, vehicles, rocks, TEDDYs, etc in addition to player-built structures. For bonus challenge, do an encampment mission.

8: The Panzerfaust*

Players may only have explosive weapons on their hotbar

9: The Desert Island**

Players must deposit all building materials, ammunition, and nuts and bolts into storage before starting a mission in the Desert or Thunder Route 99 zones.

10: The Test of Teamwork**

Each player must specialize in one weapon type for the duration of the mission. One player will use only pistols, one player will use only sniper rifles, one player will use only shotguns, and one player will use only explosive weapons. Requires a 4-person party.